Established in 1950 by Giuseppe Redaelli, ROLLWASCH Italiana spa has always had its own identity, its own brand and the direction has always been in the hand of the Redaelli’ Family.
The positive energy of Giuseppe Redaelli’s ideas reach the second generation and nowadays Rollwasch is managed by his children Paolo, Roberto, Raffaele and Ambra and the third generation the third generation has been already working for the company.

The name ROLLWASCH® comes from a fanciful Anglo-Saxon combination: ROLL that comes from “rolling” as the barrels of Fifties and Sixties, and WASCH as the water used into the barrels together with the river stones that in the past was the starting step of this field.
As the powerful ocean waves, the name ROLLWASCH® has become synonym of solidity, reliability and efficient energy that is applied to reach always more and more good and convenient results.
Company ROLLWASCH® was established in 1950 by Mr. Giuseppe Redaelli (picture on the left) and has always kept the same identity, only one trademark and Redaelli’s Family has always been running the management of the company.
It is well-known that the Italian industrial structure mostly consists of little and medium-sized companies. Some of these companies, as ROLLWASCH®, are a very important reference point of the “Made in Italy”, which is well-known and still unrivalled worldwide thanks to the design, the passion, the tradition and last but not least the “family management”.
The positive energy of Mr. Giuseppe Redaelli’s ideas is arrived up to now also supported by the reliability and the typical style that in the meanwhile have been associated to the trademark and to the Company.