Rollwasch Italiana is constantly engaged to make its customers satisfied. To reach this goal, Rollwasch Italiana meets the most modern requirements, supporting the research to improve the process through laboratory technicians, technical office and metrology that always take care in proposing avant-garde solutions, respecting the actual environmental regulations.
Once we know what kind of products and machines you need to use, Rollwasch Italiana spa itself or through other specialized companies can run important tests for the environment, such as sound level measurements, air analysis, waste water analysis, etc...
To the customers that have already worked with a Rollwasch process and would like to solve barreling and vibratory finishing waste water treatment problem, Rollwasch Italiana spa runs a first free test (Chemical Laboratory) on waste water, in order to find out the appropriate solution for your specific need.
Rollwasch Italiana spa commits to constantly improve its products to guarantee the correct application of its quality system.