The Robogrind programme (Robot Grinding Systems) is born from the symbiosis between Rollwasch® and high experiencing domestic partners in the specific field of robotic grinding. The synergy that comes from the integration of grinding and vibratory finishing, tumbling or drag finishing (TEP) provides new opportunities in the international skyline of finishing equipments‘ producers. The Robogrind programme offers grinding islands that can be based on several hardware, among which we can mainly find Fanuc, but also Comau, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Staubli. The constant activity of R&D lead us towards automation or streamlining‘s interaction between grinding and vibratory finishing to offer an integrated solutions. Studying Robogrind solutions is applicable to any particular workpiece is supported by samples with various finishing’s degrees, from rough grinding, to various finer steps, smoothing and/or final polishing towards vibratory finishing machines and/or with TEP.