The mass metal finishing or barreling, is a mechanical process which improves the surfaces  of the treated pieces, thanks to different types of machining operations denominated: deburring, smoothing, polishing.

This process is characterized by the synergy of a machine, such as a rotary tumbler or a mass metal finishing  machine:  in its rotating barrel or in its vibrating tank there is a charge of media (usually abrasive plastic media or ceramic), mixed with water (but it can also be made dry processes), and with an optional chemical additive which has the function of smoothing,  polishing, cleaning , or other required functions. At the end, the pieces that must be submitted to the finishing process can be added. Another important factor is the duration of a process, or the cycle time.

The mass metal finishing or tumbling is used to remove irregularities formed during the production phase of the metal pieces, grinding and /or polishing the large surfaces but also the small metal parts.

What are the media? The media term derives from the Latin "media" which means "means" (hence the term mass- media, the means of mass communication, also used by the British). So, the media are the finisher "means" (tools), used to remove or abrade the metal surfaces to obtain the desired result, generally composed by a ceramic or plastic liant. Also their geometric shape helps to obtain a better result; as well as its degree of abrasion. In addition, the media can also be of different nature, for example: with a metal, vegetable, glass base, etc.

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